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“ALPHA-PENTO” format of “World-Creation”
Russia. Samara
UDC 608 T98-A20

V.I. Tyurin-Avinsky. “Alpha-Pento” FORMAT of “World-Creation”. Russia, Samara. 2016. 280 p. with pictures.

Publishing house of the Samara scientific center

Издательство Самарского научного центра.

Earlier unknown “The first-created principle of “Alpha-Pento” metrics N11D. The reason and the structure of the World” is opened. Through the constant 11 and the frame alpha-pentastructures of tension it provides the dynamic balance, the optimum organization, harmony and beauty of the nature, a human being, a society, a technology. The idea of the principle of N11D results from the Stonehenge. Manifestations of this principle are found in physics, chemistry, mathematics, in the nature, in human biology, in literature and art, in world religions, in successful architectural and technical solutions. The N11-regularity properties hidden from our perception predetermine metrics and forms of physical and mental structures. As a result it was succeeded to approach to understanding of fundamental essence of the constant 11. On its basis dimension of the multidimensional Universe as N11D is postulated. The new knowledge can be used successfully in many branches. The book is for those who look for novelty.
ISBN 978-5-906605-82-5 © V.I.Tyurin-Avinsky, 2016
УДК 608 Т98-А20 В.И. Тюрин-Авинский «Альфа-Пенто» формат «Миро-Здания». – "Новая техника", 2011. - 232 с., с илл.
Открыт ранее неизвестный «Первозданный принцип Альфа-Пенто метрики N11D. Формат «Миро-Здания». Через константу 11 и каркасные альфа-пентаструктуры напряжений он обеспечивает динамическое равновесие, оптимальную организацию, гармонию и красоту природы, человека, общества, техники. Идея принципа N11D проистекает от Стоунхенджа. Проявления этого принципа найдены в физике, химии, математике, в природе, в биологии Человека, в литературе и искусстве, в мировых религиях, в удачных архитектурных и технических решениях. Скрытые от нашего восприятия свойства N11-мерности предопределяют метрику и формы физических и ментальных структур. В итоге удалось подойти к пониманию фундаментальной сущности константы 11. На её основе постулируется размерность многомерной Вселенной как N11D. Новое знание можно успешно использовать во многих отраслях. (ISBN 978-5-88940-114-8) ©В.И.Тюрин-Авинский, 2011

to the bright memory of my parents: Tyurin Ivan Petrovich and Savinsky Claudia Petrovna
and the parents of my wife Marina: Symatov Peter Ilyich, died in 1942 in the great Patriotic war, and Kuzmina Natalya Nikolaevna

The epigraph

I became more modest now in the desires. My life, did I dream you? As if in booming early autumn I galloped on a pink horse. Sergey Esenin

I didn’t become more modest in the desires. I drive my life, as a fresh horse. Inspiring the soul and the consciousness By God's spark blown in me. Vladimir Avinsky

Earth! Earth! You are called by object 22. Be adjusted on our wave. Listen to our scientists. Turn on our music. Read our books. Search of the new Worlds In depths of space and consciousness.

The show "Object 22" on Radio "Mayak" Russia.


Annotation 2 DEDICATED 3 Instead of the epigraph 4 The preface to English edition 8 The preface from the Author 10 The preface from Leonid Boyarsky 12 SOURCES 16 From somewhere on high 16 How the tremendous idea came 16 The new person left the pyramid 17 Something the highest shines inside 18 Reasons of blocking of the highest knowledge 19 Pre-Evklid geometry of Stonehenge 20 Paradoxes and mysteries of Stonehenge 23 Mysterious polygons 24 Pentagram 25 THEORY ELEMENTS 29 Knowledge horizon 29 In search of a key factor 30 What is ―The first-created principle of ―Alpha-Pento‖ metrics N 11 D‖? 31 Why exactly 11? 32 PHYSICS. CHEMISTRY. MATHEMATICS. 33 ALPHA-METRICS IT IS THE EARLY UNKNOWN FIRST-CREATED, FUNDAMENTAL PROPERTY OF WATER
79 NATURE 117 ―Alpha-Pento‖ metrics, its manifestation and use in oil geology
131 ―Alpha-Pento‖ metrics of the subject of the Russian Federation on the example of the Samara region 138 Pentaty and alpha-metry 138 Frame alpha-pentastructures. Belts and knots 138 Alpha-roses of tension 142 The Tungus phenomenon from a position of ―AlphaPento‖ metrics 143 Two – three fresh ideas 143 That showed spherepentoid 144
The Earth figure 146 What for? 146 Why exactly 61 of Northern latitude (N.L) and 102 of East longitude (E.L.)? 152 PERSON 156 Alpha-pentastructure of mentality 164 Noumenality and self-control 170 Noumenality as a property of mentality 170 Self-control alpha-geometry 170 Pilot study of the phenomenon of noumenality 173 Avinsky Test of the Noumenality Phenomenon ―ATNPh‖ 174 Doubts and hopes: ―pros and cons‖ 175 Symbolical model of the human and the nature on a basis of ―Alpha-Pento‖ metrics 176 SOCIETY 178 Economic, political processes, war 178 Manifestation and use of ―Alpha-Pento‖ metrics in economy
180 Russian Federation 185 Global infrastructure and density of population 185 ALPHABETS AND LITERATURE 190 Alpha-metrics of ancient alphabets 190 Great, mighty alpha-pento metrical Russian language
191 Alpha-pento metrics of the Russian alphabet 191 Only the Russian alphabet is perfect 193 ―Persevering numbers‖. No, much more seriously. 193 Political events and natural disasters. Some examples 194 Every day alpha-metrics. Some examples 194 Some more about ―persevering numbers‖. Cinema. Some examples 194 Literature. Some examples 195 Creative opportunities of a human 195 Alpha-Pento metrics of poetry of Pushkin 196 Opening formula 196 The poetry originates … from number 196 Alpha-metrics of the Onegin’s stanza 197
Poetic microcrystal 199 Phenomenon of the 11th line 199 Duel alpha-metrics 200 Any excess word 201 Alpha-cycles of Pushkin’s stars 204 Unfinished novel? 208 Any excess line 209 Others 210 Through the magic crystal 211 FINE ARTS 213 MUSIC 217 SPORTS, FOOTBALL, FENCING 217 WORLD RELIGIONS 219 Buddhism 219 Hinduism 220 Daoism 220 Judaism 221 Christianity 221 Islam 226 EQUIPMENT 227 Patent potential of the scientific discovery 231 ARCHITECTURE AND NOT ONLY 232 CONCLUSION AND REFERENCES 248 SPHERES OF NEW KNOWLEDGE 264 Fundamental nature of new knowledge 266 Publications and reports 270 Thanks 276

The preface of the author to the English-language edition

The modern science endures deep conceptual crisis, what is well-known. Newton's representation, quantum mechanics, 3-4 dimensions of physical space are the cornerstone of this crisis. Deepening in details, a science body partition on hundreds of disciplines prevails. Synthesis of an integrated picture of the World, the uniform physical law is necessary for the solution of this problem. In this book the concept of the Alpha metrics is formulated, the fundamental constant 11 is entered and the universal law WorldCreation =n 11D for the first time in practice of world science is described. This law, perhaps, opens, interprets bible expression "I there is an Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end". This research is conducted not in laboratories of the academic institutes, carried out without the wise scientific guide of the venerable scientist. Everything became in time, free from the main work, irrespective of a cool welcome of official science. The geologist has, as they say, hundred professions that has helped to orientation freely in any branch of knowledge. Remarkable funds of the Russian state library of V. I. Lenin in Moscow, the Samara regional universal scientific library, the Internet resources were sources of information. From small alpha finds the integral beautiful magic crystal of opening crystallized. Only theory elements are stated. Uncountable manifestations as n 11D projection are given in our material and mental world. From physics of elementary particles to forms of geological educations, from structure of DNA to morphology of the person. Absolutely new fundamental properties – alpha cascades are revealed in periodic Mendeleev's system. In English-speaking version of the book unlike the Russianlanguage edition chapter "Alpha metrics and a sinkhronistichnost of water" is for the first time submitted to attention of world scientific community. The alpha metrics is born in itself by literature, the fine arts, postulates of all world religions that is surprising. The alpha metrics was known and had imprinted in architecture by ancient builders. The most difficult calculations of modern engineers in search of the best options involuntarily brought to optimum Alpha metrics to designs. Thanks to cooperation with the doctor of psychological sciences, professor of department of the general and social psychology of the Samara state social and pedagogical university, the member of the Russian psychological society Tatyana Veniaminovna Semyonova the Alpha metrics has received practical application in psychology. I take an opportunity to express profound gratitude of T. V. Semyonova for organizational and financial security of the edition and to
the doctor of psychological sciences, professor of department of the general and social psychology of the same university Anton Igorevich Belkin for the translation into English. I thank Igor Alekseevich Belkin, the director of Vek#21 publishing house for preparation of the book for the edition. I thank for the translation of earlier texts my friend, light memory of Victor Grigoryevich Smorodin. Whether the new facts of an alpha metrics open slightly every day. When the author wrote this preface the world have shaken terrible acts of terrorism in Brussels, in alpha date on March 22, 2016. The alpha metrics is objective reality fundamentally creative, optimizing and, on the contrary, in abnormal conditions destructive. The alpha metrics has entered our life long ago. Just she wasn't noticed. I have entered as Vladimir Mayakovsky "… significantly, roughly, obvious as today the water supply system worked still by slaves to Rome has entered" spoke about the verses. The alpha metrics can't be denied, especially to ignore. She should be understood, accepted and used for the benefit of people. I address with the offer to colleagues and publishers to publish in your countries this book or its fragments with a mutual profit. E-mail: princip1122@gmail.com

Vladimir I. Tyurin-Avinsky